Old Spice

The Brief

Create a 10 foot custom wig, the hero piece of an Old Spice campaign. It needs to look and move like real hair, to be washed, blow dried, combed, trimmed and maintain its perfect coiffure at 70 mph driving around in market on the back of a shampoo bottle
old spice logo 1

As Supersized, head-turning media experience for this iconic brand.

Our ask was the intricate task of creating a 10-foot wig, a pivotal element in an Old Spice campaign. The unique challenge lay in making this magnificent wig not just look like hair, but behave authentically like real hair. It had to withstand the rigors of being blow-dried, meticulously combed, all while retaining its impeccable coiffure, even when traveling at the exhilarating speed of 70 mph to create hype in market, perched gracefully on the back of a shampoo bottle. This endeavor was nothing short of a high-wire act of artistry and engineering.

An Expert-Led Process

Xanadu curated a team of experts—a wig maker from the MET, an elite Haus Salon hair team, master costume makers and stylists—to sew 6,000 ft. of wig wefts into a styled wig.


Old Spice Gallery

Cruise through the Old Spice Gallery and let the project’s artistic narrative dance gracefully before your eyes with its innovative brilliance.