Haus Salon

The Brief

Create jaw dropping campaigns for a high-end salon that embodies the brand without distracting from the end product: amazing hair.
haus salon logo

Revolutionizing Collections through Intentional Storytelling

We HAVE HAD THE TREMENDOUS PLEASURE TO create campaigns for a high-end salon, that garer national and global recognizon. Our approach of detailed, magical storytelling, interwoven with costume design, wardrobe and set styling, wove an enigmatic narrative that resonated with industry and clients alike.. Each campaign unfolded like a vibrant, rebellious chapter in the salon’s legacy, cementing the brands style and storytelling as a leader in the space.

Creative Direction // Costume Design & Wardrobe Styling

Sculpting stories of artistry, our campaigns at Haus Salon emphasise the inspired and create buzz while maintaining amazing hair as the focus.


Haus Salon Gallery

Let your hair revel in rockstar glory on our Haus gallery tour.