The Brief

To relaunch their 51′ Stratcaster, Fender took over a musical venu for ACL and built it out as a portal in time. Xanadu got the call to design and build a space that would be an all-sensory experience. Transporting guitar lovers to a 1951 Rock and Roll den.

fender logo

Think, Imagine, Create

Xanadu envisioned a space where the spirit of rock and roll is not just observed but felt, creating a maximalist chic, rock and roll den that echoes the iconic essence of Fender. With bold colors, dynamic patterns, and richly layered textures, we aimed to establish an ambiance that is both moody and authentically soulful, perfectly aligning with Fender’s legendary status. The goal was to immerse visitors in an environment that celebrates the intersection of music and design with soul.

We infused the project with thoughtful set design and storytelling, incorporating layers of details that ensure every viewpoint was undeniably photo-worthy. By focusing on both the grandeur and the minutiae, we crafted an experience that captures the essence of Fender, engaging visitors in a narrative that is both visually spectacular and nonchalantly cool. This blend of heritage and innovation not only pays homage to Fender’s storied history but also cements its place in modern design, proving our expertise in creating spaces that resonate and inspire.

*agency partners Maggarah jesse and Street factory media

What We Did

  • Brand experience
  • Creative Direction
  • Interior design
  • Set Fabrication
  • Event Producing


Fender Gallery

Peruse the Fender project gallery to immerse in the moment, where every frame celebrates the seamless fusion of design and melody, epitomizing this landmark collaboration.