The Brief

Create a double-take moment to build momentum for the Orange Vanilla Coke launch with identical twins in over-the-top costumes: an experiment in HUMAN BILLBOARDS.

Coke Cola

Customized Costumes

For Coca-Cola’s exhilarating launch of Orange Vanilla Coke, Xanadu designed and fabricated a truly unforgettable spectacle, igniting a wave of momentum with a clever, eye-catching strategy. Centerstage were identical twins, each adorned in over-the-top, meticulous costumes that were nothing short of a visual feast. This ambitious endeavor saw us designing, crafting, dyeing, sewing, styling, and curating not just one, but 28 distinct costumes tailored specifically for the twins. Each piece was a testament to our commitment to detail, creativity, and the art of costume design, embodying the vibrant essence and playful spirit of Orange Vanilla Coke.

The spectacle unfolded across 14 high-energy Final Four games, with the twins captivating audiences in their unique, themed attire, perfectly synced with the dynamic and youthful vibe of the Coca-Cola brand. This strategic visual storytelling didn’t just capture attention; it created a buzz-worthy spectacle that resonated across social media, news sites, and Jumbotrons nationwide. Through this campaign, Orange Vanilla Coke not only delighted spectators but also significantly broadened its fan base.

A Buzz-Worthy Spectacle

Non-stop buzz and love generated across social media, news sites and Jumbotrons helped Orange Vanilla Coke delight and win over new fans.


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