Christopher & Banks

The Brief

Capture a new generation of customers without alienating the heritage consumers, at a 60 year old fashion brand. Utilize strategy and styling from a global top down, partner with fresh leadership and merchandise direction to turn around declining sales & stagnant customer base.
Christopher and Banks

Strong Creative Strategy

For Christopher & Banks, the challenge was clear yet complex: rejuvenate the brand to appeal to a new generation of customers while honoring the loyalty of existing clientele. Collaborating closely with the brand’s leadership and merchandise direction, Xanadu embarked on a transformative journey aimed at reversing declining sales and revitalizing a stagnant customer base. Our strategy hinged on a robust creative overhaul, integrating updated visual storytelling with strategic model selection, fresh styling practices, and a refined campaign aesthetic. This comprehensive reimagining of the brand’s presence across all platforms marked a pivotal shift in how Christopher & Banks engaged with its audience.

Our change in tide was powered by intentional styling and dynamic, vibrant photo campaigns that introduced a fresh, creative point of view. This approach not only captured the essence of the brand’s evolution but also resonated deeply with both new and longstanding customers. The result was a significant, positive impact on year-end sales, breaking an eight-year cycle of stagnation. Through these strategic and creative initiatives, Xanadu successfully navigated the delicate balance of attracting new followers while reinforcing the trust and affinity of the existing community, setting Christopher & Banks on a renewed path of growth and engagement.

Changing Tide

Intentional styling and dynamic, vibrant photo campiagns and fresh creative point of view drove positive year-end sales for the first time in eight years.


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