Bar Mischief

The Brief

Design an immersive speakeasy cocktail bar anchoring a boutique hotel in Austin, TX.


Immersive Expereriences and New Era in Design

In the heart of Austin, TX, Xanadu played a pivotal role in elevating Bar Mischief, a speakeasy cocktail bar situated in a boutique hotel, by creating an unforgettable immersive experience.

Our focus was on fine-tuning every sensory detail, from the subtly ambient lighting that hints at mystery and allure to the bespoke cocktail menu crafted to intrigue and engage. Through our unique blend of design and storytelling, Xanadu transformed Bar Mischief into more than just a venue; it became a narrative adventure that captivates guests, offering an atmosphere that is both magical and emblematic of Austin’s vibrant spirit, redefining the essence of nightlife experiences.


How We Did It

We fuse creativity with strategic design to transform venues into captivating experiences, turning every visit to Bar Mischief into an unforgettable journey of discovery and delight.


Bar Mischeif Gallery

Step into the gallery tour below to fully gaze upon the unparalleled artistry and creativity of immersive nightlife design coming vividly to life.